Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recently, I have been working on a lesson plan about Indiana Physical Characteristics for a third grade class. When typing into Google physical characteristics it provided me with many sites that seemed accurate, but when deciding which site to click on was when I began to struggle. With so many websites that appeared on my screen, I became over whelmed with which one to pick. This made me revert back to our book Understanding Digital Literacies.

Jones and Hafner describe this as "managing information." This describes picking particular data and turning that data into information and knowledge. With so many sites to pick from it may be difficult to find the website that incorporates the data you need, at that time. Why can't we all just have an easy button and then it magically appears on our screen?

I just wish that it would be a lot easier to find information that I need at that moment rather than 10 extra pages of sites that deals with some form of my topic.