Monday, March 25, 2013

Youtube/Google continuing to take over

I recently made a Spotify account. It kind of snuck up on me. All of a sudden everyone was using it, and notifications on facebook let me know about it. I had never jumped on the Pandora train, so I didn't really have experience with streaming music sites. I made a Spotify account and have really liked it. Being able to listen to full albums legally without buying them is a really cool way to test out albums before buying them and then keeping albums that are only ok but not worth buying available in a way that gets at least some profits to the music industry (via ads).

"Anything You can do I can do better" - Google

With the boost in popularity of sites like Spotify and Pandora, I was not very surprised to see that Google is joining the music streaming fray. Youtube will soon feature a free with ads and premium, ad-free music streaming service. As many of you probably know (or might not know), Google owns YouTube, on top of things like Gmail (naturally), blogger, drive, maps, calendar, and images. Many of these services that Google provides have become, as we talked about in class earlier in the semester: transparent. Heck, google has even become a contemporary verb - googling.

With the addition of a (I assume) competent music streaming service that can rival spotify and pandora, it would seem that Google would become even more transparent in that it would have one more feature that we become very accustomed to. Yet, the neat thing with Google is that it has all of these cool features tied to one account. I think that youtube adding a streaming service is a good idea, despite the increase in transparency of and dependence on Google's services.

What do you all think? Do you use streaming music sites? Is Google taking over? Too transparent? Are we too dependent on it? Am I asking too many questions?


  1. I think Google had a streaming music service before that they tried, but it didn't do so well, iirc. Maybe this one will be much better? We shall see in time, y/y?

    I don't really use much in the way of streaming music. Either I repeatedly raid Homestuck's Bandcamp page (PICK AN ALBUM ANY ALBUM THEY ARE ALL A+ //shameless advertising) or I raid new youtube channels as my friends introduce me to them (Boyce Avenue and katethegreat19 come to mind).

    In a lot of ways I think Google is taking over. I remember when my YouTube and Google accounts were separate while now I have to put up with YouTube harassing me to change my name on YouTube to my real name and I don't want that. I don't have a problem with connecting my real name with my screen name, but I like my screen name more simply because I've built on it the past 13 years of my life (scary a thought that is sometimes). While I do love a lot of Google's services, is it really too much to ask for them to keep Google Reader? or to lay off the not really good Google+? Apparently. But Google just wants to be everything instead of finding a niche and loving it so.

  2. I'd be very interested in seeing exactly what Google can pull off in the realm of music streaming, with their seemingly infinite resources.

    Personally, I mostly use a website called to stream and find new music. It essentially allows you to stream music through radio (much like Spotify and Pandora's streaming service), connect with others through a social network based on musical tastes, and track the music you listen to through media players (itunes, ipod, foobar 2000, etc.) via its "Scrobbler" app. Which probably sounds really similar to Spotify, but I like it a little more for one reason or another.

  3. I am a frequent pandora user and I like the idea of streaming music in general. I don't necessarily think that Google is becoming too powerful, but Google does try to enter most popular online markets. For example they attempted to launch Google + into the social media world. For a while it gained small popularity, however it has yet to emerge on the level of a FaceBook, MySpace, or Twitter. Google making an attempt to delve into the music streaming concept doesn't surprise me. In fact I am excited to see what they do come up with and how successful that method is in comparison to streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

  4. Google also created the Android operating system. It stand to reason that Google will soon become the one stop shop for music, videos, social networking, email, etc. Personally, I like that I have my gmail linked to my youtube account which are both linked to my google chrome web browser. I also love Android, so when Google takes over I won't be too upset about it. As far as streaming goes, I imagine it will be able to compete with Pandora and Spotify. I think the only problem google has it that they ar ea late to the game so it may take a while to convince people to switch over. I personally don't stream music, I just download it to my phone or Ipod so i'm indifferent as to whether or not I will like their streaming service.

  5. I really like the idea of all of my items that I use being tied in to one account, like Google has done. I am a Pandora user, but have a gmail account, use Google maps and other sites on Google. Although, I did my writing proficiency exam about an article that covered computer hacking with cloud-based systems. Google is one of those sites that uses the cloud-based systems and I am concerned with relying on Google for all of my information and items that I use through them.

  6. I think this is definitely a good idea for Google and YouTube to keep up in the race. I haven't used spotify but alot of my friends do and they love it. I have used Pandora but I'm not as big of a fan of it now. All of the things that Google offers being tied to one account is a little troubling however. I still think it's a good idea for Google to keep up with the music streaming service because it is a growing trend and can only help their popularity.

  7. I am a big user of Pandora, simply because I've gotten to the point where it actually "knows" me. The key is to like or thumbs-down as many songs as possible, that way it begins to monitor your patterns and will rarely play a song you don't approve of or like. And because I only make stations I like, I can sometimes put it on "shuffle all stations" which will give me a good, diverse variety of music from several different genres. Haven't dabbled in Spotify yet, but I'm sure it's a cool site and I'm sure I'll be on it at some point in the future.

  8. It'll be interesting to see from here on out how the streaming music service game will play out. Spotify is something I have seen grow tremendously in the wake of Pandora's success, however I am wary of getting involved with Spotify. One of my favorite artists, The Black Keys, is wholly against Spotify and how it's "ad revenue" system works.

    Google getting involved may be able to help even out the crowd and provide some much needed competition for all music streaming services.

    Step it up Amazon...